The Stone Soup Network Advisory Board

Rev. Alexa Gilmour, National Director

The idea for Stone Soup Network came to Alexa in 2016, after the church she served had welcomed a refugee family into sanctuary for 1.5 years. In 2021, she left ministry to work full-time for Stone Soup Network. Alexa is the host of the Contagious Hope Podcast. She has authored magazine articles and a chapter called “Public Witness in the Local Congregation,” in For the Sake of the Common Good: Essays in Honour of Lois Wilson. She is a sought-after speaker and writer, as well as the recipient of several awards including the Parkdale High Park Canada 150 Award, the Emmanuel College (U of T) Alumnae Service Award, and the McGeachy Senior Scholarship. When not being a changemaker, she is happiest at home with her blended family of six and is currently working on a Doctorate.

Alex Gilmour

Sara Mohammed, Chair

Sara is a community engagement and strategic planning professional lending her skills to the non-profit and public sector. She is a community strategist with core strengths in human-centered policy design and evaluation focusing on equity and social justice. Sara is a daughter of indo-Caribbean immigrants, she has served on the Stone Soup Network Board since 2017.

Sara Mohammed

Ayan Kaillie

Ayan has been a Community leader and a strong equity advocate for many years. She is the founder of SRISwansea and the organizer of Stop Racism In Swansea march. Ayan is also an Executive Board member of Swansea Town Hall and a Swansea Mews Pod leader. She has a deep connection to Swansea Mews and has volunteered for many events within the larger Swansea Village community for the past 7 years. She is a parent of 3 young children, so school plays a major part in her life and she brings that aspect to the Board. Ayan has also been on the Parent Council at the local Elementary School for the past 5 years and she is the first black council chair in Swansea school history. Ayan joined the Board in November 2018.

Ian Gilmour

Ian Gilmour has been a member of Windermere United Church for the past 10 years and was Chair of Windermere Council in the 1980s. He recently retired as an Associate Partner with the Management Consulting practice of KPMG. As a Retired Partner, he has a part time contract with the firm to lead lower-cost digital transformations with high social impact. KPMG International recognized one of these projects, The Food-for-Kids COVID emergency service as a finalist for the 2021 Best of Brand award for Best Client Engagement. Microsoft Canada also recognized the project with a 2021 Partner Impact Award for Community Response. Ian is a Board Member and Program Chair for the Toronto Foundation for Student Success and a Board Member of Breakfast Club of Canada. He also helped Stone Soup Network define the requirements for and acquire a digital solution for the Stone Soup Network in Parkdale High Park. Ian joined the board in September 2021.

Lorne Orleans

Lorne has 35 years of experience working internationally in the Motion Picture industry. In his most recent corporate role, Lorne was a senior executive with Imax Corporation for over 2 decades and played a key role in the company’s foray into the Hollywood feature film business. Lorne had a hand in delivering over 350 film projects and his areas of expertise include strategic planning, budgeting, operations, imaging technologies and business affairs. Lorne joined the Board in March 2020.

Lorne Orleans

Musheer Lahori 

Musheer has a strong understanding of business processes. As a Strategic Advisor, he has successfully led teams at a number of business advisory firms. Having worked and travelled in a number of countries, he has many stamps on his passport. He enjoys working with global teams managing multiple projects and building long-term business relationships. He has also led several global volunteering efforts such as ‘Donate to the homeless’ in London, England, and supporting education initiatives in rural parts of India. Musheer joined the Board in March 2020. 

Musheer Lahori

Thai Tran

Thai has 15 years of capital markets and investment banking experience working for both global and Canadian banks providing M&A and capital funding advice to his clients.  Originally from Western Canada, he loves the outdoors and enjoys running, hiking and cross-country skiing.  Having been raised in a small town in Northern BC, he understands the value of strong communities and is passionate about giving back to the community and helping others in need. Thai joined the Board in September 2021.

Deborah Turnbull

Deborah has worked in international development for more than 40 years and has undertaken hundreds of development projects in more than 60 developing countries and countries in transition. Since 1997, Deborah (B.Sc., M.Sc., Honourary Doctorate of Science), has taught a number of courses to undergraduate students enrolled in the University of Toronto’s International Development Studies program at Scarborough. She has served, and continues to serve, on the Boards of a number of Canadian and International Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) working in developing countries and in her local community. Deborah joined SSN’s Board in 2017.

Deborah Turnbull

Anna Dipico